Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Galinis-McNally Process

On the 16th of August (2013)  I was able to observe [and take photo's of] an extremely interesting experiment run by Michael McNally in the Physics Dept. at the University of Leicester. With the title of "Atomic Vapour Deposition on Liquid Jet" the process creates a solution containing nano particles using a relatively simple procedure. Information about this experiment and the work undertaken by Michael should be directed to the Physics Dept. as I am sure to provide incorrect information. However, I like some of the documentation images which are posted below:

IMAGE: Michael McNally preparing the experiment.
Liquid nitrogen being poured into the colling container.

IMAGE: Plasma forming above a silver disc.

IMAGE: The liquid Jet containing nano particles entering the colling vessel.
The Liquid Jet is key to the experiment, but it proved very difficult to obtain a clear,
in focus image as it is very small, very fast and in a dark space.

IMAGE: Another angle of the Jet. I have put a box around where I think the Jet is.

IMAGE: Sample bottles (clearly labelled MIKE) They have been arranged in colour order
indicating different strengths of solution which my shallow
depth of field does not show well - but looks nice.
Image: Valve from the liquid nitrogen container -
included here just because I like the image.

Image: Plasma ring with the Jet nossel in view.


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