Thursday, 18 April 2013


Events at Embrace Arts planned for the 8th and 9th of November 2013

Possible publicity Image for Trajectory
I have just confirmed with Embrace Arts to hold a series of events over a two day period in November. These will take place within a multi media installation using still images, video and sound. Trajectory (working title) will display some of the material developed during the residency and will also provide the opportunity to present current research to a wider audience. The programme is very much still under development and is open to suggestions and ideas.

Trajectory - is a research and development project which will lead to more events in the future at a regional and national level. As a result this event gives scope for experimentation and the opportunity to develop new ways to communicate or comment upon research and the work undertaken by the SRC. This could be in the form of interactive sessions, lectures, discussion or as a contributing artist. I am not expecting that people will present their research through the medium of interpretive dance but hope that all working in the Space Research Centre will  consider how they may be able to contribute.

The title Trajectory is also open to interpretation and can refer to the 'Trajectory of an Idea or Project' etc. It has been choosen to present the most flexibility.  

There is a seperate page for Trajectory as part of this site and details/ideas will be posted here as soon as they are developed.

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